Business valuation


Calculating the fair value of a business is a complex process. Each valuation is unique. Our business valuation experience and expertise are a strong asset that will help you make an informed business decision. The fact that we are an independent firm adds to the credibility of what we do and how we do it.

Before we draw up a valuation report, we need to understand the business we are valuing, its operations, the industry, and the economic environment. Whether your company is public or private, large or small, we can help with matters such as:

Our valuation team is made up of accounting and financial professionals (CPAs and CFAs), many of whom also hold the title of Chartered Business Valuator (CBV).

Tax and succession planning or corporate reorganization

An in-depth valuation report prepared by an expert lowers the risk of a tax dispute.

Sales, mergers and acquisitions

A valuation is often the starting point for determining a price when selling a company or planning for a merger or acquisition.


Whether you’re dealing with a shareholder dispute, matrimonial dispute, or expropriation, an objective and independent valuation is an essential tool for conflict resolution.

Regulatory issues

We can help with fairness opinions and regulatory authority requirements.

Company succession

An objective and independent valuation helps smooth the transition for everyone involved.

Shareholder agreements

Draft or apply specific terms and conditions of your shareholder agreement regarding share value.

Accounting presentations

We help with purchase price allocation, impairment testing, and with determining the fair value of an investment portfolio.

Intangible assets

Whether for strategic purposes, accounting presentations, or tax purposes, we determine the value of intangible assets like non-compete clauses, trademarks, software, and any other intellectual property.

Our expertise

Our experts have worked on numerous valuation assignments for manufacturing companies, service providers, retailers, distributors, and franchises in virtually every industry, including agri-food, manufacturing products, construction, natural resources, environment, healthcare, professional services, high-tech, and many more.

The end product

The results of our valuation are presented in a report tailored to your needs and that meets practice standards set by the CBV Institute. This might be:

  • A calculation valuation report ;
  • A estimate valuation report ;
  • A comprehensive valuation report.




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